///Fancy a New Camera? My Short, Quick, User friendly and Easy Guide – None commercially Bias.

Fancy a New Camera? My Short, Quick, User friendly and Easy Guide – None commercially Bias.

Fancy a New Camera? My Short, Quick, User friendly and Easy Guide – None commercially Bias.

Hope that you will benefit from my experience.

IMG_4550aa-photo-lorb-lorb_resizeThis guide Sums my insight and experience on the subject after a thorough search to find my best next camera. As I decided to upgrade the quality of the photos to the best photos quality I am taking of my paintings and works. Especially as I was going to build my internet site and wanted every brush stroke in my oil paintings and every fine detail in my pastels to be sharp and the real colors:

The Lorberboim Times II


 My Interest in Photography aroused as I wanted to get a real DSLR to take best shots of my Oil Paintings and Soft pastels.

So I decided about 18 months to buy a decent DSLR that will just remain in my studio, even if I preferred for all any uses a good point and shoot camera, for all my traveling. Looking in internet sites to find results for “best camera images” proved to be a waste of time. Doubt it? Try for yourself. So, after looking in web sites for all specs, I decided to go for Nikon D 5100. But on location in shop, results in comparing with my compact Canon S100, didn’t show any reason to buy it. Being polite I asked what else they have, (You are generally not lucky to have a professional as a sales person). I was handed a Pentax K 30. Same p19rice but offers much more camera. Tried it doubtfully. Excellent. Love from first sight. Pentax K30 became a true companion in traveling and studio ever since, as well as an enjoyable learning of the camera and photography in general. This being the only gadget manual I ever red and experimented. This also led me to dedicate a whole chapter on my site to photography named

“The Lorberboim Photographic” at http://lorberboim.club/category/photographic/

Now a day’s I’m looking for a new camera, Via EBay. As soon as I get it, I’ll keep you updated.

22So, this guide was created with fairness and without prejudice in order to give me & you the chance to make a choice as to the camera that will give you the best value for your needs as well as for your money. Given the choice from a camera worth $ 5,000 all the ranges from $ 400 – guess who is my winner? Even if you are looking for the best video camera. Or for sport events, bird watching, etc, you still will start by looking for a decent camera.

Camera is a tool that is becoming more complicated so you can be creative and exploit all possibilities the manufacturer put in this bundle. It has a variety of functions; offers many different options and applications. An example of one of the fIMGP1134 c r wm finest cameras around is Pentax. This brand is considered by some photographers to be their defensive weapon in photography (My personal encounter with some stray dogs…). Going back to the subject of photography, the goal of a camera is to give you a picture that will express What you see, your ability to produce high quality and artistic picture, as you want to invest and grow as a photographer (For myself I find this is really enjoyable).

Cameras have developed than what they were in the past; an average camera for instance has evolved to include many more options, which left the average photograph enthusiast confused. I just check the point and shoot cameras for example. This includes an intense competition between producers and developers in the field of Smartphone. However, this guide is not intended to focus on users looking for camera beyond Smartphone.

Next step is to choose a category. For starters you have to find the right camera. What you are your needs the camera for? Consider your budget and the size/weigh that you want. This somehow reduces your search for the perfect camera for you. The next questions that will help you choose your camera is where to buy it. How much will it cost?

The field of cameras is constantly changing face, with the launch of a number of cameras by top manufacturers of cameras every day. This also brings new categories in rows on innovations and trends in this field. The considerations that you once think were important a generation ago has now become irrelevant.

Remember the days, just few years ago, when a camera was judged by its megapixels? Now one of the major factor is sensor size and megapixIMG_20140815_071822[1]els.

Another point to consider – the time. Any specific camera model have a declining price over time, especially as a newer model is declared and hits the market. Same as in computers and Smart phones. If you are patient than it might be worth the waiting.
It is the intension of this guide to serve as tutorial to help you find the right camera for your needs. It is true that there are other guides and reviews out there that lean towards the promotion of the camera for their benefit. Most commercial guides that promote the camera that they sell are no longer up to date. This guide wants to bridge the gap between these two.

Here are my recommendations, tools and my experience to help you select a new camera.


The most important thing to consider when choosing a new camera is its setting. If I was given the chance to choose a camera the first thing that I will spend on is something that delivers a sharp image. For me, this is especially important in producing quality photograph that looks like mine original paintings.

Secondary Goal

Choose a camera that will allow you to photograph landscapes, children, cats, characters, animals, nature, sports and more. As an additional requirement – it should be user friendly and has a convenient size and weight. What about spending an important day doing landscape travel photography? Do you want to deal with replacing the lenses? Carry a balky and heavy camera and a dedicated backpack all day? What about shooting a picture of the cat doing tricks or your granddaughter but all these is lost because they cannot be seen in the frame while you were busy setting you bulky gear?

There are other goals that you need to make. How about how to create an Impression? This is not just about size. When referring to creating an Impression; it is not always true that bigger would get a higher quality image. This refers to the use of large and expensive camera. Today manufacturers let you select from hundreds of cameras colors not only traditional black, metallic – really refreshing.

Needs IMG_20140815_082700[1]

Set yourself a goal and the price.

The Top Choice, do you want to have a LEICA, mind you it is expensive!!! Any one that want the professional look, choose NIKON. What everyone is buying? Go CANON. People like me who prefer the LEICA will take the PENTAX. Many proud Pentaxians considers it to be the poor photographer Leica. Usually they give you more functions in the buck for the same price level than the competitors. I personally think that they invest less than the leading competitors on advertisements – Have you seen lately a full page color ad by Pentax on the National Geographic? Discovery? Another? SONY is not for me, SAMSUNG, is kind of Toyota on the road. There are more out there- Panasonic, Olympus, Kodak, Fujifilm, Ricoh, Minolta, Sigma, etc,. but you get the idea.

Where to Buy

If you are lucky enough then New York is the place – There’s no question about this. Go to B & H. The best way to choose and buy camera is with the help of strictly anxious teachers and experts in the field. In short, everybody turn towards professional photography enthusiasts so that they can help you test the equipment first hand. You can either take this or return it. Best prices. Israel? You pay Double. You can also try EBay, Amazon. There are other better options such as Thailand. If you are shopping at LAZADA (Thailand’s ebay). How about China? Better hop to Hong Kong or Thailand.

What Kind of Camera?

In the good old days we used to go to the “Prisma” store in Zion Square, Jerusalem, and get a good recommendation. Today, IMG_20140815_082605[1]alas, no; we cannot accept a recommendation from the any sales men. What was true just months ago – is now kind of out of date. You can ask your cousin who is studying photography at the Academy. Save yourself the effort – He is a captive audience who buys what his teacher recommends. Besides, his needs differ than yours. Not sure it’s free of commercial considerations.

What about reading professional magazines or various internet sites or forums?

Well, there is so much info you can go lost and most of it is just commercial stuff. I made the screening for you:

Here are the tools; this will help you choose your camera. Today.

Low or medium level – Smart phones may be the answer to all your needs. The qualities and abilities of these are improving by leaps and bounds. They have reached the status where you can use them to POINT & SHOOT.

Medium, professional impression, in short everything else
This is the impression we were previously talking about. This leaves us to choose a tool that will suit our needs. Here is where experts stare at you seriously asking you if you want to choose the entry level DSLR, semi or a professional. New question on the block – do you want MIRRORLESS or DSLR? Personally I think that the Mirror less is going to give the DSLR the kiss of death.

Unnecessary – if you’re like me you want a camera that will yield a professional result with that comes with sane price/weigh/size. There are literally thousands of these new kinds of cameras and many more each day. Prices in this category are naturally decreasing.

The first and most effective tool that you need to look for to help you enhance your skills as photographer is Your own willingness and desire to learn and grow in this field. Hopefully, you will produce the results that you are looking for.

The second tool, for better images for you – use a tripod.

Now lets proceed – Luckily there is an ocean of information on the Internet. How to search for this tool. First there is the domain kind of the Encyclopedia Britannica, In photography –www.dpreview.com. I stopped to surf it. I consider this totally useless. You will get a list of hundreds of comparable technical data, and scholarly in dept review on each camera that includes dozens of pages. At the end of the review, you still need to figure out what the specialist means about the information and the terms that you will find there.

Another site I learned from is snapsort.com/compare/Canon_EOS_40D-vs-Nikon_D90 that compares these cameras. The problem with this site is that it relies only on the technical specifications and weights it gives score. I consider this a good site but it does not fully complete the purpose that it is supposed to make.

Here is another site Http://www.imaging-resource.com/IMCOMP/COMPS01.HTM.
This will allow you to compare two identical pictures taken with cameras of your choice with different ISO values, – still, characters, scenery . The advantage of using this site is that you can ignore the technical aspect and focus on the result of the comparison. I consider this as an excellent site indeed. See screenshot.

I compared the flagship DSLR by a top brand camera pretty to a mirror less camera or camera at $ 5,000 and $ 400 – (Price B & H) If you identifies correctly you receives honorable mention…..
Another very good site – http://thenewcamera.com that compares cameras. One thing that I have observed with this site is that he writes some technical specifications he was able to point out the important details. This is accompanied with a brief conclusion as well. See screenshot.


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